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Chill and Prosper


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Welcome to the
Chill and Prosper


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How to juggle business, family and kids

We're talking about juggling business and family.



How to make better hiring decisions

I'm explaining how the Money Archetype framework can help you build the dream team you deserve.



Finding more ideal clients using Money Archetype

A juicy bonus podcast episode today all about how to use the Money Archetypes to understand and identify your ideal client.



How to find your ideal business model using Money Archetypes

We're discussing what business model and ways of working would best suit your Money Archetype.



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Current Episodes

  #107 | My $1m Money Archetypes launch debrief (part 2)
  #106 | How Money Archetypes helped almost 10x my launch (part 1)
  #105 | Passive Income: How to start and why you'll resist it
  #104 | How to build your money team to grow your wealth
  #103 | Should you go into business with your best friend?
  #102 | How to become famous online
  #101 | Ask Me Anything: My daily habits and how I stay positive
  #100 | How to launch and grow a podcast
  #99 | The pros and cons of being the breadwinner in your family
  #98 | Ask Me Anything: Kids, money and business upgrades
  #97 | Why I'm selling my beach house and how I'm manifesting what's next
  #96 | How to get clients to commit
  #95 | How long it really takes to get to 7 figures
  #94 | Copycats, jealousy & being original
  #93 | Ask Me Anything: How to protect yourself from negativity
  #92 | How decluttering helps you make more money
  #91 | How to avoid scheduling burnout
  #90 | How to stop worrying about money
  #89 | My biggest mistakes and successes from 2022
  #88 | Ask Me Anything: Getting unstuck and staying motivated
  #87 | 4 things I hate to see in business
  #85 | How to stop money leaks in your business
  #83 | Ask Me Anything: Painful clients, abundance mindset & getting focused
  #82 | Small launch tweaks for next level results
  #81 | Jeff Walker Interview: How to get started with launching
  #80 | How to stop working for free
  #79 | Ask Me Anything: Finding a great coach and working with my husband
  #78 | How to know when to increase your prices
  #77 | How to fix undercharging and overdelivering
  #76 | 3 signs you need to work on your pricing
  #75 | How I almost sabotaged my launch
  #74 | Behind the scenes of my latest launch
  #73 | Build your business based on your Archetype
  #72 | Clashing with your partner's Money Archetypes
  #71 | How are you sabotaging your business?
  #70 | What are the 8 Money Archetypes?
  #69 | Business & Mindset: Ask Me Anything
  #68 | Things I Struggle With Even as a Multi Millionaire
  #67 | Raising Kids with a Healthy Attitude to Money
  #66 | How Many Hours Do I Work?
  #65 | Internet Dating is Basically Marketing
  #64 | The Witch Wound & How it Affects Your Success
  #63 | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Working With Your Partner
  #62 | How I Invest My Money & Why I Invested In A Musical
  #61 | How to do an Honest Assessment of Your Business
  #60 | Three Lessons from Greedy Rich People
  #59 | How You Can Learn to Love Your Tax Bill
  #58 | My Life Philosophy: How I Live a Keyless Life
  #57 | Lessons From 10 Years of Money Bootcamp
  #56 | Should You Quit a Failing Business?
  #55 | My Millionaire Productivity Secrets
  #54 | How to Set Boundaries in Groups
  #53 | Behind the Scenes of Writing My New Book
  #52 | Doing Inner Teen Work
  #51 | Should You Join A Mastermind?
  #50 | Do you Need to Monetize Everything In Your Biz?
  #49 | My Million Dollar Hiring Lessons
  #48 | Evergreen Programs vs Launches
  #47 | How I Run My Business With ADHD
  #46 | Why I Love Batching Content Creation
  #45 | How to Deal With Default Customers
  #44 | How to Survive Criticism In Business
  #43 | Get Your Partner Onboard with Your Money Dreams

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