Ghosts, zombies and how to handle other scary clients

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Ghosts, zombies and how to handle other scary clients


Ghosts, zombies and how to handle other scary clients

Do you like Halloween? Are you dressing up and trick-or-treating? I love it and can’t wait for some fun and candy with the kids. 

Today, we’ve got a spooky topic on the podcast - scary clients. 

Whenever I speak to entrepreneurs about their fears, many of them are around having scary conversations with clients or dealing with difficult clients. 

It’s a rite of passage on your business journey to have a few nightmare clients, so hopefully, today’s advice will make that a little easier when they pop up for you. 

Or if you’ve had nightmare clients in the past, this is an excellent opportunity to heal and let go of any horror stories. 

Difficult clients are often a very small percentage, but they do happen, and the experience of dealing with them can be traumatic, so listen to today’s podcast if you need some help: 

  • How to spot and recognize types of potential problem clients
  • Setting boundaries to protect yourself from scary clients
  • Creating client policies to make awkward conversations easier
  • Understanding the money blocks behind your fears and your clients 
  • How to protect your privacy and energy from ghost and zombie clients

These type of client conversations can be scary - it’s scary when someone asks for a refund or threatens to sue or bad mouth you. 

So, these are valuable lessons to learn early in your business so your fears don’t hold you back.  

I’d love to hear which of the clients in today’s episode you’ve experienced and what actions you’ll be taking next week to work on your boundaries or policies. Send me a message on social @denisedt 

Have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween if you’re celebrating!

xx Denise

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