Addressing rumours of my retirement

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Addressing rumours of my retirement


Addressing rumours of my retirement

If you haven't heard a single rumor about this, you're probably thinking, "Who do you think you are, Denise?"

Or you may have heard that it's a goal of mine to retire soon, and you're curious.

At a conference I was speaking at back in March, I mentioned that I'm on track to hit my goal of retiring by 45, and maybe it was an overshare, but I had a few people freak out. 

So, I wanted to record this Chill and Prosper episode to share more about what's happening for me and what I'm manifesting. 

This all started in 2009 when I was getting started in the online marketing world, and I heard Ali Brown say she was a millionaire by 35. 

It blew my mind, but when I saw it, I started believing it might be possible.

So, I set an intention that I would be a millionaire by 35, and I believed it. If she could do it, then maybe I could do it too.

I hit a million dollars, not quite by 35, but just before turning 36, which wasn't bad. Since then, I've made over $27m over the last decade, which led to a new intention… retirement. 

Listen to this week's episode for more on what retirement means to me and what my business might look like in the future.

I'll share ways I'm creating more FREEDOM in my life and how I'm changing my spending and investing priorities. 

Please don't worry; I'm not closing my business or stopping Money Bootcamp yet, and I'll keep writing books. 

I'm doubling down on freedom, simplicity, and being bold in support of people like us and the causes I believe in.

It's going to be a new, exciting chapter! 

I'll still be here to help you to create more freedom, choice, and abundance. 

xx Denise

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