Behind the scenes of my latest launch

Show Notes

Hey there! 

I’d love for you to join me for a tour behind the scenes of my latest launch. 

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re in the middle of launching my new Sacred Money Archetypes® business course, and this has been my most fun, creative and complex launch ever. 

In this new episode, I share some of the things that went well, some of the things that didn't, and a massive big lesson in letting go.

The first time I launches this course, I made the big mistake of just launching it as me, a Ruler. I didn’t take the time to explain to the other Archetypes why they should join and what was in it for them. 

So this time, with the new course, I wanted to step into the shoes, literally, of each archetype, complete with costumes and styled sets. 

In creating this launch, I really pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and stepped into the shoes of each of the 8 Money Archetypes, which was so much fun!   

From head to toe, and surrounded by carefully selected sets and decor I set out to make this course more fun, and tangible for you, so that you will feel completely at home when you watch the video for your archetype. 

I have wanted to redo this course for a few years now, and I’m so happy I did things MY way, 

Have a listen, and get some inspiration and encouragement that you can (and should!) do things your way as well! 


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why I had to fight my team to get this project off the ground
  • Which of the archetypes took me most outside my comfort zone
  • How the scenery and wardrobe changes truly changed how I felt inside and how I delivered each script
  • The thought and strategy behind the session for YOUR archetype
  • Ideas for how you can use the Archetypes to uplevel your next launch

For a complete guided tour through the sets and costumes of this launch, click here.

Enrolment for my new SMA business course just opened, and we have a six-week live round kicking off next week. Click here to find out more and join us.



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