Which profession has the biggest money blocks?

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Which profession has the biggest money blocks?


Which profession has the biggest money blocks?

 Is there a salary that’s deemed “appropriate” in your industry? 

Or common beliefs about what you “should” be charging? 

Does your industry have money blocks that are creating barriers for everyone? 

In today’s podcast episode, we look at which professions have the biggest money blocks and explore the common blocks that could affect your industry. 

Everyone has money blocks, and making money doesn’t cure money blocks; I still have to work on my blocks every day despite making a lot of money.

But some industries and careers seem to have more mindset challenges than others. 

In my experience, three core money blocks affect most industries, but each profession has nuances and beliefs that can affect what you earn, how you run your business, and what you charge. 

Listen to today’s podcast to learn how the most common money blocks may manifest in your industry and affect your business.

Plus, we’ll look closer at specific money blocks for a whole range of industries, including:

  • Health and wellness
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Coaches 
  • Spiritual businesses
  • Artists and creatives
  • And even the construction industry 

And I share how to recognize these blocks and suggest some affirmations to help you move past them.

I’d love to hear what blocks you’ve seen in your industry and which ones I mention resonate.

And remember, here’s some Denise truth talk; no matter your industry, you must work on your inner money stuff. Otherwise, you’ll find it hard to charge, set boundaries, and have money conversations. 

If everyone in your industry is broke, maybe you’re the one who can change things and be an example.

When you charge appropriately, it frees up time for you to help more people in more ways. 

It’s your time, and you’re ready for the next step. 

xx Denise

P.S. If your industry peers share common money blocks and the money mindset of your profession is holding you back, you’ll need another community to support your growth and year you on. 

We have people from every profession in Money Bootcamp supporting each other to make money and change the world.

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