How spaciousness and reflection help grow your business

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How spaciousness and reflection help grow your business


How spaciousness and reflection help grow your business

These words in a recent fortune cookie really got me thinking;

"Reading without reflection is like eating without digestion."

I can devour a book in an afternoon, but sometimes don't take the time to reflect on what I've just read. I can be a fast eater, too.

And I'm fast entrepreneur, constantly juggling multiple projects and quick to action new ideas.

The fortune cookie made me reflect on how I can bring more spaciousness into my life.

And it sparked some new ideas on how reflection can help you grow your business. 

Because when you're growing a business or dreaming of a bigger life, everyone's best next step looks so different. 

Sometimes, it's education or a course. Sometimes, it's going on a retreat like I did recently. 

Sometimes, it's in the nuances, like giving yourself an extra day of travel so you don't feel rushed or time off between projects. 


I'm not good at switching off. I very rarely meditate.⁠

So, I find other ways to add spaciousness and reflection into my life. Otherwise, I just go on to the next thing without pausing to celebrate or learn from the experience. ⁠

On the pod this week, I talked about how I create those little pockets and what magic can come out of it. ⁠

How do you give yourself time to pause and reflect? Are you overdue? ⁠

xx Denise

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