Failing businesses and hard economic times

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Failing businesses and hard economic times


Failing businesses and hard economic times

We have such a joyful podcast episode today! It's all about failing businesses and tricky economic times. Urgh. 

But if you've been in scarcity, feeling fearful, or worried about failure, you'll feel better after listening. 

The feeling of uncertainty and concerns about the cost of living are real for a lot of us at the moment, so it's normal if you're feeling stressed.

It's also normal if you've noticed these feelings starting to have a knock-on effect on your business, but this doesn't have to be disastrous. 

If you've made a mistake or your anxiety is peaking (I've been there), then today's episode will help you:

  • Take a breath and acknowledge that there are challenges in the world right now
  • Tweak your mindset so your business can be a source of positive impact and wealth 
  • Feel hopeful about the future and inspired to take your business to another level
  • How to identify new opportunities and thrive in this or any economy 
  • Practical steps to navigate a business failure or mistake

So, what can you do to help your clients still and create abundance for your family?

In every economy, there are businesses that do well, so how can you become a thriving business or find other growing businesses to support?

Sometimes we have to embrace the beginner mindset and get creative to find new and different opportunities - it's about being adaptable and asking who really needs you now?

Whether you're facing a challenge or even coming to terms with a failure, no one can take away what you've learned in your business. I hope today's mindset tips help you navigate your way back to success again. 

It's still your time. 

xx Denise

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