How to stop discounting and overdelivering

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How to stop discounting and overdelivering

Let’s talk about your prices, specifically if you have a habit of discounting. 

This is a huge topic that I’ve written and talked about a lot because it has so many layers.

First, you have to get comfortable with charging and actually receiving. 

When people are starting out, they tend to do a lot of bartering or trading one service for another. This is one of the most overlooked and energetically damaging habits. You must STOP 

it so you can learn to charge well. 

The same goes for working and speaking for free. To get serious about growing your income, it’s time to phase freebies out of your business. 

Listen to this week’s podcast for more on:

  • How to set boundaries on your pricing and charging
  • Scenarios where you may be unknowingly undercharging
  • Mistakes I’ve made when overdelivering and how to avoid them
  • How to make pricing energetically win-win 


I’d love to hear your takeaways from this episode and your wins from adjusting how you charge or deliver. 

Remember, no matter your income level, there will always be people who think you are too expensive and too cheap.  

And for some people, free is not even good enough.

So trust your intuition to charge what feels right for you and grow your business on your terms.

You’re allowed to charge what you want. 

xx Denise

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