Handling other people’s bad money mindsets

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Handling other people’s bad money mindsets


Handling other people’s bad money mindsets

So your partner or family and friends have a bad money mindset; now what? 

I know this is so challenging, and I hear it from our Money Bootcamp members all the time.

How are you meant to do this essential money mindset work - working on yourself and growing your business - when everyone in your life seems to be against you or stuck in scarcity? 

What should you do if the money blocks of the people around you are holding you back?

And how do you overcome the fears of outgrowing people or feeling isolated while you break cycles and create a new legacy for your family? 

In so many situations, I’ve seen beautiful transformations when couples or family members unite and transform their collective money mindsets.

It’s happened in my own family, and my husband Mark and I even teach a module on this in our Money Bootcamp course. 

So, on this new episode of the Chill and Prosper podcast, I’ve got my best advice for nurturing your money mindset and supporting your loved ones with their work. 

Listen today for my tips on: 

  • Handling people in your life who you have outgrown 
  • Why understanding your money personalities can transform your personal relationships 
  • Uncovering the money memories that shape how money shows up for you and your partner 
  • Overcome the fears that come up when you’re goals are different from those around you
  • Finding new circles of abundance, support, and connection  

One of the biggest things that has helped my relationship and our money mindset is developing a shared language and understanding of our money history, triggers, and goals.

Understanding our money beliefs and being able to call each other on our blocks helps keep us moving toward our shared vision and feeling like we’re on the same team. 

I want this for you, and you deserve it. 

I’d love to know if you listened to this episode with your partner and how it went.

If you need to vent or someone to witness what you are working through with money and the people around you, please send me a message

xx Denise 

P.S. If you want more tips on handling your partner’s money personality, especially if you clash, check out episode 72 here.

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