Ask Me Anything: Travel, Anxiety and Scaling

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Ask Me Anything: Travel, Anxiety and Scaling


Ask Me Anything: Travel, Anxiety and Scaling

Today on the podcast we have a fun “Ask Me Anything” episode that is packed with nuggets of wisdom.

I answer your questions about:

  • Managing work while taking extended travel or time-off 
  • Balancing your ambition and work ethic if your partner has a different personality 
  • Tips to start manifesting more money 
  • Overcoming anxiety when starting your business 
  • When to outsource or hire when scaling your business

I loved answering these questions and would love to hear from you if you have other questions for future AMA episodes - just message me here

Whatever your question, my most simple answer is that “it depends”...

Nothing in your business is set in stone, and you have the power to make decisions, change your mind and grow your business in a way that suits you, your life and personality. 

Your business, your rules - and you’re ready for the next step! 

xx Denise

P.S. If you’ve got questions and need support with your business model, marketing, hiring or passive income, then I’ve got something EPIC coming your way. 

Once a year I run a live business coaching course all about designing your business to fit your personality and play to your strengths. 

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I normally don’t do one-on-one or business coaching but this is your chance to get my eyes on your business and money and work with me as your business mentor.

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  • Complete business training with modules on business models, marketing, ideal passive income, and building a team for all 8 archetypes.
  • Bonus "Batch Like A Millionaire" workshop and content creation generator
  • Bonus visualizations, meditations, workbooks and interviews.
  • Bonus Quick Wins Library of momentum-creating business and marketing tips
  • Lifetime access with flexible learning options, including private podcast feed and app access.

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