Clashing with your partner's Money Archetype

Show Notes


Are you and your partner on the same page regarding money goals, spending, and saving? 

My Money Archetypes quiz could shine some serious light on what you both need to thrive and how to navigate tricky times.

Learning this framework with my partner has been relationship-changing - probably relationship-saving - for us. 

In my latest podcast episode, my husband, Mark, and I are in conversation again, this time about our money archetypes and how they complement and clash with each other.

If you go to denisedt.com/leverage you can find out what your money archetype is, and you can get your partner to do it, too – you'll also get a NEW free workshop about your strengths and challenges in business. 

I'm a Ruler, Maverick, Romantic. The Rulers are all about building and monetizing, loving being in business. Mavericks are all about wanting to break the rules and taking risks. And Romantics are all about creating ease and luxury. 

Mark has the same two first archetypes, and his third is Celebrity, but our Archetypes show up in very different ways. 

I love my third, my Romantic, because it often saves me from being too much of a workaholic. 

Anyway, this podcast is enjoyable – listen in for some Denise and Mark #realtalk!


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to create more ease and flow in your business
  • How to use the language of the archetypes to understand your partner
  • The EXACT ways that Mark and I compliment and clash with each other
  • How we play to our strengths at work and home
  • What energetic gaps do you need to fill in your life



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