Talking money with my kids

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Talking money with my kids


Talking money with my kids

 For today’s podcast, I’ve got something a little different for you and it’s so fun! 

And this took some expert editing because recording this ep was a little manic!

This episode is a family affair - I’ve got four special guests; my hubby Mark and our three gorgeous kids. 

Listen to this chat with our family to learn:

  • How we talk about money
  • Our kids' ideas about money and future careers
  • What our kids think we both do in our business
  • How we use tapping to release fears or emotions 
  • And so much more!

I hope you enjoy this insight into our hilarious family! Sometimes you’ve got to just go with the flow. Maybe we’ll do some more episodes together next year when we’re traveling.  

Let me know your favorite parts and any questions you have about talking money with your kids.

xx Denise & Mark 

P.S. If this episode sparked some ideas, you should also checkout episode #67: Raising Kids With A Healthy Attitude To Money, click here to listen now.

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