Ask Me Anything: When is it time to make a change?

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Ask Me Anything: When is it time to make a change?


Ask Me Anything: When is it time to make a change?

Hey friend!

One of my favorite messages to get is from listeners who tune in to my podcast with their kids in the car.

I'll hear, "Denise? Oh, it's the Chill Lady. We're listening to the Chill Lady again."

So today, I want to extend a special hello to all of my little listeners. 

This episode of the Chill & Prosper podcast is all about timing.  

For this Ask Me Anything episode, I'm answering a bunch of questions on the theme of knowing when it's the right time to make a change in your business, topics like:

  • Should you take on a part-time job when your business is slow or growing
  • How to say no to less-than-ideal clients when you need the money 
  • How and when to transition out of a corporate job
  • How to overcome a setback and know if it's a sign to pivot or tweak 
  • When it's time to declutter profitable but distracting parts of your business and go all-in 
  • When to delegate and outsource tasks in your business

Remember, there's no perfect time or way to do anything in business.

Your business, your rules.

Most people are making it up as they go along, so it's okay to try, change, or stop things in your business at any time. Be kind to yourself. 

xx Denise 

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