How to acclimatize to higher revenue

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How to acclimatize to higher revenue


How to acclimatize to higher revenue

If you’re stuck at a plateau or want to move to the next income level, it starts with exploring your unconscious beliefs about why you can’t earn more. 

Are there unwritten rules about what you are and aren’t allowed to earn? Maybe there are unconscious limits from your parents, industry, or mentors.

In today’s podcast episode, I discuss how to acclimate to higher revenue and the steps you can take to be open to expanding beyond what you thought was possible. 

Because the acclimatization process is different for everyone and each stage of business. 

I want you to feel confident in setting your prices and earning more. So you’re grounded in your business and wealth so that you can create your version of a First Class life.

The lesson for me has been about acclimatizing to more income and the extra expenses that come with that. While making sure I’m not sabotaging myself by growing my costs - I’ve had to learn to design my business for higher profit and plan for taxes. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Both practical and mindset tips to get used to earning more
  • How masterminds can help normalize the big numbers and challenges that come with growth
  • How to prepare for more taxes and legal stuff that comes with higher revenue
  • The symbolic actions you can take to make higher revenue feel natural, like paying yourself a regular salary
  • How to incrementally upgrade your life and standards before the income arrives

When you combine your work ethic with this mindset work, higher revenue, and higher profit are possible - I’ve seen it with hundreds of my students, so why not you? 

It’s your time, and you’re ready for the next step. 

xx Denise

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