What Can New Kids on the Block Teach You About Money?

Show Notes

Hands up who was a NKOTB fan?

I'm stoked about today’s podcast episode - It's silly but has some great lessons too! 

Every now and again, I'll go and look through old blog posts – I was so prolific in the first couple of years of my business. I was batching like a mo fo, especially when I was pregnant. I came across this article called "What New Kids on the Block Can Teach Us About Money." 

Do you remember that NKOTB song Step by Step? It starts, "Step one. We can have lots of fun." So the first lesson for today is that making money can be fun. 

Sometimes we get so serious about launches and doing the work that we forget that we're allowed to make money and have fun. I have definitely been guilty of overworking and getting too serious. 

I've changed this recently. I've hired Airbnbs and gone away with a couple of entrepreneurial friends. I’ve invited people to come and stay at my rose farm. Also I’ve started to play with my marketing more. I’m making reels and hanging out on tiktok! (link). Where do you need to have a little bit more fun in your business? 

Step one, we can have lots of fun. Step two, there's so much we can do. Step three, it's just you and me. Step four, I can give you more. Step five, don't you know that the time has arrived. Everything is possible in your business – just take it step by step. Do it now. Don’t wait for the stars to align. The next full moon. It's your time and you're ready for the next step.


In this episode, you'll learn:
  • How I’ve started having more fun with my marketing
  • The art of making a Now, Next, Later List
  • It’s ok to say No
  • You don’t have to be perfect to make money
  • You can be generous and protect your time and energy
  • Who my favorite NKOTB was!




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