10 Lessons from 10 Years of Money Bootcamp

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What a decade! Today I’m sharing 10 lessons from 10 years of running my money mindset course, Money Bootcamp.

It’s amazing to think that 8,500 people have been through this multimillion dollar course. 

At the beginning I had no idea how successful it would be! And there has been so much evolution and lots of lessons along the way…

LESSON #1 It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

I filmed the first ever version on an iPad in my little spare room office. The sound was a bit crappy, some of the lessons I did in my pyjamas and it was basic. I didn't get professional hair and makeup. 

I didn't start out thinking, ‘This is going to be a multimillion dollar course. I'm going to change thousands of lives.’ I had something to tell, I wanted to share it and I did it all myself. The handouts, the video editing, creating the membership site. 

ACTION: Where are you over complicating things? Where are you waiting for it to be perfect to start? Where are you waiting for the money to come in to make it all sexy? You can start really simple. You don’t need to be perfect. Just get started. 

LESSON #2 Community is Worth Charging For 

So you know that Money Bootcamp is a course right?! - lessons and videos and handouts and bonus material worth thousands of dollars. There’s also a wonderful, supportive Facebook community. And holding space for people is real work. 

Community building takes time and energy. I see people who run Facebook groups for free or they just think it's an add-on, not realizing how much work goes into creating a community.

It's totally worth charging for. Some people in Money Bootcamp have completed a few of the lessons but they soak up the lessons via the community. It’s such a valuable resource. 

ACTION: Have you created space where you bring people together to learn from each other? Know that community's real work and it's worth charging for. 

LESSON #3 It's Always New to Someone 

Sometimes I think everyone's heard all the stuff that I've talked about in Money Bootcamp, but yet we have new people join almost every day.

It's always new to someone. Don't discount your knowledge and skills because you are bored or you think everyone knows it. It's about the people that you can help. 

ACTION: Remember there are so many more people that you can help. It doesn't have to be super unique all the time. You just have to put your own spin on something. I've been doing this work for 10 years and I even find new things in it too.

For the other seven lessons listen in to my latest episode – you’re gonna love the one where I talk about boundaries and get super real. All the mindset work I had to do on that!


In this episode, you'll learn:
  • How not to get bored in business – my secret for keeping things fresh
  • My exact strategy to swerve overwhelm and burnout
  • What to do when you’ve reached a plateau in your business            
  • I learnt the super painful way how important boundaries are!            
  • What lifetime access really means




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