Small launch tweaks for next level results

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Hey there,

You’ve probably noticed, but launching is one of my absolute favorite things to talk about in business.

I love it and I hate it!

If you’re considering launching a course, a program, or book, I’ve got a special podcast episode for you today.

Sometimes, small tweaks can have a big impact on the results of your launch so here’s nine lessons I’ve pulled together to help you achieve next level launch results. 

Lesson one: There are no failures in launching - everything is a lesson for next time. The first time you do it, there's so many technical things to learn. But you don't have to start from scratch – it’ll be easier next time. So don't quit!

Lesson two: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Follow a simple process, use templates, and it’s totally okay to reuse emails or reuse videos that you know work. 

Lesson three: Make it right for YOUR audience. A lot of marketeers recommend cart close at midnight. Most of my audience has kids so they might not even be awake at midnight. 9pm works better. Use a blueprint but make the launch plan your own.

Lesson four: There are so many different ways to launch something. Choose what works for you. If you hate being on camera, don’t do a video launch. If you hate being salesy, don’t be.

Lesson five: Be authentic, and in your integrity. I personally hate the big reveal and the sales pitch on the final slide of a webinar so I introduce it early (and share the url at the start).

Lesson six: That been said, there are certain recommendations that make sense to follow. You need to tell a story, you need to show people how you can help them, you need to tell them logistically how to join your program, you need to have the things in place so they can give you money. 

Lesson seven: Consider offering a payment plan – yes, they create work but they also increase your launch revenue. I had to do a load of mindset work around the flip slide of payment plans – that I’m worth paying in full for.

Lesson eight: Refunds are going to happen. It’s okay. We used to have a 60 day money back refund period, no questions asked. But it got abused so I changed it to a 14 day refund period and that’s win/win.

Lesson nine: Outsource during the launch. Hire someone to write the emails or make the graphics for example. Buy templates of slides for your webinar. There's still a part of me that feels like I have to do it all myself.     

Listen in to the latest episode to find out small tweaks you can make to take your launch to the next level.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The 9 tweaks you should make during every launch
  • The exact things you shouldn’t be doing during a launch for 
  • The stats and lessons from my first ever launch
  • How your money blocks might show up and simple, effective strategies for breaking through them
  • Exactly what I outsource during my launches to create greater success

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