Inner Teen Work

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You’ve probably heard of, or done, inner child work. 

It’s a process of examining your most formative experiences and memories from childhood to find underlying beliefs or blocks. 

Inner teen work is also really powerful - especially for your money mindset. 

It’s such an intense time of life, the teenage years. Doing work on blocks from this phase can really shift your life and business. 

Let’s dig into your high school money blocks.

I see a lot of people who are still dealing with money blocks from their high school years. 

If school was a traumatic experience for you, it is so worth dealing with this stuff. If you were bullied it can really impact self-esteem, confidence and your ability to be visible. 

Even if you didn't really have a ‘bad’ time at high school, there's still benefit to doing this inner teen work. 

We have to unlearn things; go back and heal parts of ourselves. 

If you feel like you’re still figuring out who you are and finding your voice, I highly recommend inner teen work. 

I went to school on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. It was a normal public school and loads of students were from single parent families, like me. 

I wasn’t in the ‘in-crowd’. I wasn’t a skinny surfer chick with lacquer-look, straight, blond hair, but I wasn’t totally uncool either. Just kinda average. 

AND I still have a ton of money blocks from school.

I used to get called bossy. It really kicked in during the high school years. I was on the debate team, the yearbook team etc. It took me so long to unlearn that bossy feeling.

The way it showed up for me is that I didn’t hire anyone in my business, I didn’t set boundaries in my Facebook group. I didn't want to be called bossy. 

Maybe you’re not putting yourself forward for things, you're not taking charge, you're not hiring. 

Maybe you're afraid of being a leader and setting the agenda. 

If this resonates, an affirmation to use is: It's safe for me to be the boss, it's safe for me to be in charge. 

Something else that comes up with inner teen work is a fear of shining. Perhaps being the center of attention was a negative experience for you at school. 

Maybe you hold yourself back from visibility. 

You don't want to outshine your friends, you don't want to make more money than your mentor. 

As I said, there's so much healing work to be done around being bullied. 

It can be so painful and so damaging to experience bullying at school. It can impact you for life. 

It might show up as a fight or flight response, or a sense that everyone's going to reject you. 

If you need deep healing, I really recommend going to get some therapy.

It’s fun to take a look at your high school report cards. 

Mine said things like: "Denise is really clever, but she doesn't apply herself." 

"She’s always talking in class." Now I realize I was born to do my job; I could talk underwater.

That judgment that made me feel ashamed for such a long time, now earns me cash! 

Now, every word spilling out of my mouth makes me money.

I’ve done loads of inner child work. 

Recently I wondered what I could do for my inner teen. So I took her shopping. My inner teen would've loved a Billabong swimsuit. 

Your homework for today is to think about what your inner teen would have loved to be, do and have. 

Give yourself permission to be the star of your own show, to be the center of attention, to be the boss, to be the chatterbox who turns words into cash, to be fabulous exactly as you are. 

If you've been dialing everything down because you're ashamed, or you still live with that bullying stigma, what if you just dialed it up and you allowed yourself to be as beautiful and fabulous as possible?

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How I overcame imposter syndrome about writing
  • What my report cards said!
  • How self-esteem issues are linked to bullying
  • How I unlearnt blocks around being bossy
  • Why I treated myself to a Billabong swimsuit



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