The real costs in my $5m business

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The real costs in my $5m business


The real costs in my $5m business

SO JUICY! Ever wondered what it costs to run a multi-million dollar business?

In today's podcast, I take you behind the scenes and share the real costs from my company. 

Some people are scared to scale their business because they're worried about their costs escalating, so I'm sharing this so you can acclimatize to hearing big numbers and not get freaked out by them. 

I also value transparency and have learned so much in the past from other people sharing their numbers. Many people talk about income numbers but only sometimes costs or margins, so I'm lifting the lid. 

Your business doesn't have to be anything like mine, you'll make your own decisions and plans based on your stage of business and money personality, but it's always fascinating to see behind the scenes.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Where our $5m of income comes from 
  • How much I make per year from my books and speaking gigs
  • Our profit margin for 2022 and our biggest expenses
  • What Mark and I pay ourselves and the tax man
  • How much I donate and the causes I support 

The great thing is that there are very few barriers to entry in online business today, and most of these costs are deliberate and a result of growing or wanting to grow. 

You can set up your business at any income level to focus on profit and lifestyle.

So much fun! 

xx Denise

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Jeff is our launch mentor and next month he will be running a free Live Launch Masterclass to share his launch blueprint - the one I use for every promotion in my business. 

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This year, he’s completely redesigned the Masterclass, so it’s easier to consume and more effective than ever before. 

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