Talking property, creativity, and money with Naomi Findlay

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Talking property, creativity & money with Naomi Findlay

If you’re a regular listener to my podcast, you’ll know I don’t often have guests on the show. I batch like 12 episodes in a day and the logistics of having guests usually doesn’t work with that. 

But today I’ve got something special - a chat with my bestie, interior designer, and set designer, Naomi Findlay. 

Naomi and I have done a LOT of renovation projects together and partnered in a few businesses, so this is a juicy chat all about creativity, money, and friendship.

This is also my first-ever sponsored episode! 

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start pushing vitamins or life insurance, but we do have an epic partner for one of the projects we’re working on together. (Free tiles… yay!)

You may have seen on my socials, that last year Naomi and I bought an old bank in a small town to renovate and turn into accommodation and event space. 

Of course, as a money mentor, I had to buy a bank! 💰💰💰

The Blue Space, Australia's largest online dedicated renovation retailer, came on board as our partner and provided beautiful tiles, taps, vanities, handles, just so so many things! If you’re in Australia and planning a renovation, check them out and use the code Chill10 at checkout for a 10% discount. 

And follow along on @branxtonbank to see what tiles we chose for the bank. 

Listen to today’s podcast episode to hear Naomi and I chat:

  • How I work with my best friend and the ways our personalities enable each other in good and bad ways
  • More about the numerous property projects I’m excited about
  • How to set boundaries when partnering with versus hiring someone 
  • Cautionary tales from going into business with your spouse (JUICY!)
  • Our lessons in motherhood and business as CEO-mamas 


This is an honest and beautiful conversation and I’d love to hear what stands out for you in this episode. 

Watch this space for more photos of our  Branxton Bank renovation with the awesome products from our partner @thebluespace - thank you!! 

xx Denise

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