How Money Archetypes helped almost 10x my launch (part 1)

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How Money Archetypes helped almost 10x my launch (part 1)


How Money Archetypes helped almost 10x my launch (Part 1)

After another disappointing launch, I was frustrated and confused.

I realized my business course just wasn’t resonating as I had hoped and something had to change.

So I decided to do something completely different.

I had been a certified Sacred Money Archetypes® coach for years, but it wasn’t until last year that I finally applied the SMA framework to my own launch.

I took a deep breath and threw my heart and soul into the launch, creating a campaign that spoke to the eight individual archetypes.

I relaunched my SMA business course, but it was more like eight launches in one.

It felt like a huge risk, but I believed it was worth it.

And it was – the results were astonishing.

We had almost ten times the sales compared to my previous launches, all because I finally understood my audience and communicated the message clearly.

I learned that to truly connect with people; you have to speak their language and understand their dreams and pain points.

This week’s podcast is part one of a tell-all debrief of my most fun and complex launch ever. 

Plus, I’ll reveal more about the stats and results from my $1m+ campaign.


xx Denise

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