How to launch and grow a podcast. Lessons from 100 episodes…

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How to launch and grow a podcast


How to launch and grow a podcast. Lessons from 100 episodes ...

I'm celebrating! My Chill & Prosper podcast hit two incredible milestones this week - 100 episodes and over 1 million downloads! 

I was so surprised and happy to hear the download number - wow (thank you!)

So to mark the milestones, in today's episode, I'm taking you behind the scenes of Chill & Prosper to share my process for creating and promoting the podcast and the challenges I've had along the way. 

So many entrepreneurs have told me they're intimated by the demands of launching a podcast:

  1. Not being able to keep up with the constant need to create content
  2. Unsure of the tech and how to keep it simple and low-cost
  3. Overwhelmed by content creation and staying organized with content
  4. Doubtful of whether a podcast is right for their business 

And so many people have beliefs about imposter syndrome and not being smart enough, ready enough, or cool sounding enough to do podcasts. 

If you've been feeling this, my latest episode is for you.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  1. How to create consistent content for podcasts: Learn the behind-the-scenes tactics I use to create and batch my podcast episodes.
  2. What makes a good podcast interview: My tips and tricks for getting the most out of podcast interviews.
  3. Benefits of being a guest on other people's podcasts: How I leverage appearances on other podcasts to market my business.



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