Demystifying the Millionaire Mindset

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Demystifying the Millionaire Mindset


Demystifying the Millionaire Mindset

Are you a millionaire? Have you hit $1 million? Or is this a goal for you?

For most people who follow me or listen to my podcast, hitting a million dollars or becoming a millionaire is a big, audacious goal. 

It might not be the money itself, but the lifestyle or ability to help others that you dream of, but I’ve found it helps to have a number to aim for. 

Yes, we have a few millionaire listeners and many millionaires in my Money Bootcamp course, but most are working towards their first million. 

Whether this is a goal for you this year or one day in the future, I want to talk about Millionaire Mindset so it can feel more attainable, relatable, and real to you. 

One of my biggest lessons, and something I know I did when I was starting, was learning not to put millionaires on a pedestal - I thought they must be different from me in some way to be able to do this. 

But that’s not the truth; every millionaire still has strengths and weaknesses, blocks and fears. 

The millionaire version of you will still be you with all your stuff, just with more money! 

There are so many different ways to be a millionaire, and you can find the right one for you, so listen to today’s podcast to learn: 

  • The mindset shifts I had to make to reach a million dollars 
  • The beliefs we share about how millionaires “should” think or act
  • Harmful judgments and limiting beliefs you need to let go of
  • My tips on celebrating your progress and milestones 
  • And much more…

As I say to my Bootcampers, there is no Bootcamp 2.0 - there’s no advanced work you qualify for as your business grows - the work is the same no matter where you’re at. 

This is why I advocate so much for doing inner work and learning to love and accept yourself because this is the foundation of a truly abundant mindset. 

And I’m here every step of the way to support you as you continue to overcome your money and mindset blocks. 

So even if you’ve heard some of today’s tips before, where are you still holding on to beliefs that you’re not ready or that YOU can not be a millionaire? 

It’s a pretty cool goal. It’s fun to be a millionaire, so why not you? 

xx Denise

P.S. I just want to help people make money and change the world. It’s my life’s purpose and what I’m most passionate about. My work has already helped thousands of people like you around the world. 

If you want my help, come over and join us in Money Bootcamp - we’re waiting to cheer you on. I promise you won’t regret it. 

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step.

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