How are you sabotaging your business?

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It's really tempting to blame external forces, when something goes wrong or you’re not experiencing the success you thought you would be. 

Oh, it’s the economy’s fault. Or it’s my clients. Or it’s mercury retrograde?! 

Often, it’s actually our own sabotaging behavior that’s derailing our business. But that can be hard to acknowledge (and to recognize).

In today’s bonus podcast episode I’m looking at each of the 8 money personalities - the Sacred Money Archetypes® - and how your Archetype might be sabotaging your business. 

Which of these sounds familiar? 

The Ruler - the empire builder, can struggle with taking any time off or celebrating success. 

The Romantic is all about the pursuit of luxury and comfort and can find it hard to get going!

The Nurturer is the archetype who just loves to support and care for other people and can get burned out. 

Mavericks are all about rebelling against the status quo and breaking traditional structures and may burn everything to the ground if it’s not working.

The Connector archetype is all about relationships and can really struggle with charging because they care more about people than money. 

The Celebrities are the people who love being in the spotlight. Their downfall is they don't always have the money to back up their shopping habits. 

The Alchemists are the ideas people - people who have a million different ideas but may struggle with manifesting ACTUAL money or having a stable business. 

The Accumulators are really good at saving and investing and taking methodical decisions but may face analysis paralysis.

If you haven’t yet, take the Money Personality Quiz  to discover which of the 8 Archetypes you are when it comes to money. 


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How people close to you can impact your archetype
  • EXACTLY how your unique money archetype sabotages your business
  • How to turn around the challenges you face
  • What to do when you’ve stalled in business
  • When you need to pivot or make tweaks to get to the next level



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