How to make decisions in your business

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How to make decisions in your business


How to make decisions in your business

I get questions all the time about how to make decisions. 

How do you decide when to hire or when to leave a business? Should I offer a new product or stop one of my services? Should I quit my job or keep working?

There are so many decisions to make in business - especially when money and other people are involved. 

And here’s the tricky thing. When you work for yourself or have a business, the buck stops with you. It’s you who has to put on the big-girl pants and make a decision. 

And that can be both empowering and scary. 

While I can’t tell you what to do, I can share how I make decisions and some of the questions I ask myself when considering different options. 

Listen to today’s podcast if you need help with:

  • Connecting with your intuition and seeing the correct next step
  • Using woo-woo tricks for asking the Universe and my guides
  • How to make progress when you’re undecided or unclear
  • Getting over the fear of making the wrong decision
  • And much MORE…

Argh, if only someone would tell us what to do! Or even better, we had a crystal ball…

But very few things in life and business are irreversible, so don’t let making a decision paralyze you - pick a path and get started. 

And remember, it’s okay to change your mind. Your business, your rules. 

xx Denise 

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