How to avoid scheduling burnout in 2023

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How to avoid scheduling burnout in 2023

Hey there! 

Can you believe we’re already in the third week of the New Year?

Have you flown into January and already have multiple new projects up and running? Or are you just getting round to opening your emails and working on your plan for the year? Either way is totally fine. 

The perfect time to plan out your year is whenever you actually do it! 

Mark and I like to start planning things out in December to give ourselves space for the year ahead, but if that’s not your vibe, don’t force it. 

You can make your plan any time. Sometimes, we don’t really get to it until February, which is Lunar New Year … so it totally still works. 

At its core, our planning process is very simple. 

We pick a focus for the year, like a certain business goal we’ve been eyeing or a big trip we might like to take. 

Then, we follow the Big Rocks, Little Rocks theory. 

First, you need to write down all the big rocks, or unchangle things for the year, in both your business and personal life.

Things like school holidays (even if you don’t have children, your audience might), birthdays, anniversaries, and pre-booked trips. Be sure to include any launches you might be doing, as well as affiliate launches you plan to promote. 

You'll notice that the calendar is filling up quickly and your year might feel like it’s slipping away...

What to do next? 

Listen to this week’s Chill & Prosper podcast, where I share how to avoid scheduling burnout without compromising my goals.


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