Practical steps for better manifesting

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Practical steps for better manifesting


Practical steps for better manifesting

If you're fairly new to following me, you may not know that my first book was called "Lucky B*tch," and in fact, a lot of people knew me as the "Lucky B**." 😆

When I started my coaching business, I taught manifesting and the Law of Attraction. 

But what made me different was my Virgo personality and my focus on the practical action steps that make a difference when manifesting money or a big goal. 

Early in my career, I was known for manifesting free travel, competition wins, bank errors in my favor, and, of course, money. 

So I've learned from personal experience and helping thousands of people that there are honest, practical steps you can take to make your dreams real. It's not all woo-woo chanting at the moon. 

You really can manifest what you want, but it takes work, so let's revisit the basics that make the Law of Attraction virtually foolproof!

It all starts with a dream, but you have to put yourself in the slipstream of opportunity to have a chance of achieving it. 

Listen to this week's Chill and Prosper episode to learn:

  • How to combine the mindset of manifesting with the action you need to take towards your goal.
  • My 5-step formula makes manifesting predictable. 
  • My proven tips to shift your energy and boost your manifesting progress.
  • How to build momentum and accountability by taking inspired action
  • The secrets to manifesting more money and abundance 

There will be times in your life when you think, "I want this so badly," but you'll be frustrated waiting for the Universe. 

In today's episode, I share simple, practical steps you can take to flex your manifesting muscle. 

What do you desire this year? What do you want more of deep in your heart and your soul?

Hit reply and let me know the goal you're chasing. If you want some accountability, let me know the practical steps you're taking this week to make it happen. 

xx Denise 

Also, if you'd like to fast-track your manifesting with my advanced techniques, check out my Practical Manifesting Course

This course will give you bite-sized practical actions to make your money business, and life goals happen. 

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