Raising Kids with a Healthy Attitude to Money

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I’m always getting asked how I raise my kids, given the privilege and luck they have in their lives. 

I want my three children to have a healthy relationship with money. 

At the moment they’re eight, six and four, so I’m talking from my experience. I don’t have teenagers yet!

I know there's going to be a whole new layer of money mindset stuff as they grow. 

Even if you don't have kids in your life, this episode is still invaluable to shed light on how you may have learned money unconsciously from your family. 

Money is a tool that's going to help you, but you can raise children to have a healthy or unhealthy relationship with money, no matter how much you have.

Be aware of those things you heard when you were a kid. 

Did you ever hear: ‘money is so dirty’? 

Perhaps your parents said this with panic in their voice. That wasn't because they didn't want you to have abundance. But it's like literally getting an electric shock the first couple of times you play with money. 

Aim for neutrality. Be mindful when you’re talking about money. We have a story in our family: we don't put coins in our mouth, we take care of money in our family. 

Or how about, ‘money doesn't grow on trees!’. 

Yes, we want to teach our kids a strong work ethic. But if we tell them you have to work hard to earn money, what seeds are we planting for their future? 

I meet people all the time who make their businesses way harder than they need to be. They reinvent the wheel. They don't invest in hacks like courses, templates or systems. They don't hire anybody. 

Instead, I say to my kids if you have a dream and you have persistence, you can achieve anything. 

What are your kids hearing about about hard work, money and wealthy people? 

I talk about how much I love my business with my kids. Before the pandemic when I travelled a lot I never apologized for it, or did the mom guilt thing. I want my kids to see it's okay to follow your dreams and it’s okay to earn money. 

I talk to my kids about money all the time. We’ve been really clear with them that having money doesn't make you better than anyone else. Some people live in a tiny house. We happen to live in a big house. It doesn't make us better.

I also work hard not to shame their desires. 

I mean I don’t give them everything they want. I can afford to, but I choose not to. That's not our value as a family. 

But I don’t make them wrong for having a desire. It's okay to dream and it's okay for my kids to ask for what they want and it's okay for me to say no. 

Listen in to my latest episode for all my secrets to help you foster a healthy relationship to money in your family.


In this episode, you'll learn:
  • The importance of family values and how to set them
  • The reality is that unhealthy money relationships crop up whatever level you’re at
  • Steps to solid goal setting, even if you struggle with it!
  • How my kids help out in my business and how to encourage a sense of entrepreneurship in YOUR kids
  • My super simple and effective tips for dealing with kids on shopping trips!




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