How to simplify when feeling overwhelmed

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How to simplify when feeling overwhelmed

Let’s face it: so many of us are stressed out. 

The last couple of years have been a lot, and running a business while having a relationship, family, and self-care isn’t straightforward. 

I’ve seen more of our community sharing their health challenges, and I’ve talked a lot about my ADHD diagnosis and peri-menopause journey.  

As we get older, things like aging parents, chronic illness, and parenting can cause upheaval.

So it’s no wonder we’re feeling overwhelmed - not to mention pending climate change doom, political instability, and inflation! ūüėÖ

In today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing how I simplify when I’m feeling overwhelmed, and I hope there are a few tips that can help you chill and prosper. 

Listen to this week’s podcast episode for more on:

  • My elimination process when I have too much on my plate or can feel the business taking on too many projects
  • How simplification helps you manifest more of what you want quicker
  • How to set up systems and automation to remove friction from your life
  • My Keyless Life philosophy and changes I’m making at my new house to make this happen

Whatever your reason for needing to simplify, this is a great episode to help when you’re overwhelmed.

Even though I’ve written a book called Chill and Prosper, I still get out of balance and have to watch myself and my anxiety constantly. 

It’s safe to drop the perfectionism and embrace doing what you can with what you have. 

Simplification will help shift the energy, create a vacuum, and create space for something new - a lighter way of working. 

Just start with one thing to create more bandwidth and ease. 

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