What’s a realistic conversion rate for a launch?

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What’s a realistic conversion rate for a launch?


What’s a realistic conversion rate for a launch?


After every launch, I’m nagged by the question - why didn’t more people buy? 

Despite the success of my business, and even when we’ve had 7-figure launches, the question still haunts me. 

If you’ve ever thought this or had a launch that missed expectations, then today’s podcast episode is for you. 

We’re talking launch conversion rates and the real reasons why people don’t buy. 

Instead of internalizing a perceived failure, questioning your worth, or letting self doubt overshadow your achievements, you need to get to grips with real conversion rates.  

How many people really saw your sales page? How many people bought? 

How did you do against the industry standard conversion rates? 

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn: 

  • Realistic conversion rates and how to predict launch success
  • How to stay on top of your expectations and mindset during a launch
  • How different pricing options may affect conversion rates 
  • How to make your buying experience easier and seamless for your customers


Remember, not everyone is going to buy anyway. Even if you were perfect and every aspect of your launch went great, a small percentage of people typically buy - but this is still a huge achievement. 

This affirmation has helped me with varying conversion rates…

“They would if they could, and they will in the future” 

Don’t take it personally, make it easy for people to buy from you and trust the process. 

xx Denise

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