How You Can Learn to Love Your Tax Bill

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Today we are talking about taxes. Don’t go… Taxes can be sexy! 

 Let me tell you that loving my taxes literally exploded my business. There are some really profound lessons when we look into fear and resentment of taxes. 

Listen into today’s episode to start loving taxes and exponentially grow your business!

Firstly, how do you feel when you hear the word: tax? 

Maybe you feel neutral – it’s no big deal.

But I know for a lot of people taxes are very scary, whether that’s conscious or unconscious. 

Consciously, maybe the idea of paying more tax is terrifying, you feel resentful or like you're going to get into trouble. 

If you're unconsciously scared about tax, that’s totally understandable – there’s so much cultural and embedded fear around taxes. 

The truth is that taxes are just a straightforward thing that we have to do in business. 

When people hit an income plateau, one of the questions I ask, is what's symbolic about this income plateau for you? 

Often it's about the higher tax bracket. Entrepreneurs can get super scared about going to the next tax bracket and all the unconscious stuff that brings up.

It's a very primal kind of fear. 

So what can you do with that information? Step 1 is to acknowledge it. 

Affirm to yourself: it's safe for me to pay taxes. 

Step 2 is to forgive. You could do some forgiveness work on the tax office. On your family history and memories.

Step 3 is to reframe taxes as a rite of passage. 

Maybe you've never had to pay them before and then suddenly you owe taxes. Think, “As I give this, it's going to come back to me again and again”. 

How can you use tax as an anchor, as a reminder that there's always enough and that you live in an abundant world?


In this episode, you'll learn:
  • The truth about ancestral tax trauma
  • How I overcame the terror of starting my business and doing the paperwork            
  • My secrets for learning to love your tax bill. Really!
  • How to release the fear of taxes to grow your business
  • The exact steps you need to take to shift your mindset around taxes.




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