The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Working With Your Partner

Show Notes


Today, we're talking about working with your partner, the good, the bad and ugly! 

And I have a very rare guest in the podcast studio today - my husband Mark.

People ask us all the time how we work together. So we’re chatting about how we make it work, what challenges we face and also how it can be really awesome. 

Mark and I got together really young. We had big goals from the start but things really started to accelerate for us when we created a shared vision.

When we got on the same page in manifesting our dream life we were on fire! 

We manifested six months paid for travel testing honeymoons, staying in the most amazing, luxury hotels. We had to get really aligned in our vision to make it happen.

But traveling and working together was really hard. And then when Mark joined my company, a lot of resistance came up - we really struggled for the first couple of years. We needed regular couples therapy.

Mark had been in a corporate job and came into my business thinking he could add value really quickly; see new opportunities and grow the business. That basically became driving me harder to do more and more launches, which wasn't in line with our family values. 

He was killing the Golden Goose!

Honestly, there have been times when we’ve both thought we shouldn’t work together – that Mark should go get another job.

We’ve worked through so much though and now one of the reasons our business is so successful is because we've basically got two CEOs who go above and beyond and care about the business.


In this episode, you'll learn:
  • How to talk about your vision with your loved ones
  • Our best secrets for dealing with overworking
  • What to do when you get stuck in a job
  • How to support one another to create your dreams
  • The most important things to outsource for success

Take a moment to imagine if you had a cheerleader! Someone who had your back and was supporting you in your business to get to the next level. That’s what working with a partner can be like.




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