How long it really takes to get to 7-figures+

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How long it really takes to get to 7-figures+


How long it really takes to get to 7-figures+

People ask me all the time, “Denise, how long does it really take to make a million dollars?”

For me, the magic number was five years. 

Five years from starting my business to pushing over the threshold of $1 million in annual revenue. 

But that’s not the whole story.

Because truthfully, I was waiting in the wings for years before starting my business. Listening and learning – gathering all the information I needed to be successful.

I didn’t wake up one day and think, “I’m going to make a million dollars!” and then five years to the day later had a huge check in my hands.

But maybe that could be your journey. 

Today on the Chill and Prosper podcast, I share the struggles I faced when scaling my business, from my first try at nine years old to everything I have today. 



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