Copycats, jealousy and being original

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Copycats, jealousy and being original


Copycats, jealousy and being original

Small words of wisdom for this week:

Just because someone is succeeding in addition to you, doesn’t mean they are succeeding instead of you.

There’s nothing new under the sun, right? It can be nerve wracking to put your ideas out there because what if it looks like you’re trying to copy someone else.

Or even worse, what if someone ends up copying you and making even more money.

How can we be original when the world around us is moving a mile a minute?

Let me tell you a story …

A few years back, I published a blog post about spotting money leaks in your business.

I had batched the content months before, but it just so happened that the week I picked to publish that post, a peer of mine published the exact same post!!

Was it just a coincidence?

Today on the Chill and Prosper podcast, I’m talking about copycats, making your own path, and being original in your business (plus what happened with that blog post).



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