The Witch Wound & How it Affects Your Success

Show Notes

Today’s podcast episode is a bit woo-woo and spiritual.

My new book Chill and Prosper is out next week so I’m talking about one of the key ideas from the book - The Witch Wound, Past Lives and Vows of Poverty. 

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Despite being a practical Virgo, I’m all in with the woo-woo stuff. 

But it’s okay if you’re a little sceptical. You don't have to believe in past lives to be able to get a lot out of today's episode.

And trigger warning: ancestral hardship and wounding. 

I came across the concept of the Witch Wound through Lisa Lister’s book Witch.

Many of us have a collective fear around what it means to be outspoken, to be visible and to show up in our lives because we we may be carrying an ancestral fear of being persecuted or being burnt at the stake. 

The Witch Wound lives within us. 

We live in a world where theoretically, we can do whatever we want. 

We can create freedom and abundance for ourselves. We can use online tools to broadcast our voices around the world and serve people. 

But we carry a fear within us that something bad is going to happen. 

If I use my voice, if I'm honest about who I am, if I openly demonstrate my spirituality or my sexuality or my beliefs, somebody will persecute me for it. 

One of the ways that I worked on releasing this fear was to create a ritual around revoking my vows of poverty. 

It was life changing!

I did the same thing, releasing any vows of silence. I made the decision to use my voice and to allow myself to speak up.

And finally I revoked any vows of chastity – I looked at the areas in my life where I wasn’t allowing pleasure and I decided to let that contract go!

You don't have to believe in this literally, but it loosened something in me. 

I think that if you were to look at my family lineage - everyone who's come before me and everyone who comes after there will be a mark, a significant change in my lifetime where I'm breaking cycles. 

And I want this for you and for the world. 


In this episode, you'll learn:
  • The ways in which you’re holding yourself back and how to break through them
  • How to do the work on the fear around being visible
  • Powerful alternatives to the flight or fight response in business
  • A sneaky peek at my exact spiritual healing support network
  • I reveal my past lives (and how yours might be affecting your business today!)




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