Ask Me Anything: Goal setting, dreaming, hiring and more

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Goal setting, dreaming, hiring and more


Ask Me Anything: Goal setting, dreaming, hiring and more

I remember the days when I was starting out on my entrepreneurial journey, immersing myself in personal development and money mindset. 

I could see the potential for success everywhere, but my partner Mark wasn't quite on the same page. 

It was as if we were speaking different languages when it came to money and business, and I couldn't help but feel frustrated. 

But then I had an epiphany. 

I soon realized that I was the one surrounded by examples of success and wealth, while he was blissfully unaware.

I was the one seeing what was possible, and I was the one holding the vision for my business and our family. 

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started sharing my experiences with him, showing him success stories, and gently correcting his money language. And, to my surprise, he slowly started to shift his mindset. 

I realized that getting your partner interested in your business doesn't have to be a battle; it can be a journey of growth and understanding for both of you. 

If you're currently living the single life, how do you make sure that when you meet that special someone, they have a good money mindset, too? 

This week's episode of Chill & Prosper is an Ask Me Anything, and in addition to talking about getting your partner or potential partner on board, I also dive deep into how you can: 

  • Discover powerful techniques to manifest and chase after your biggest dreams. 
  • Learn strategies to conquer self-doubt and eliminate limiting beliefs. 
  • Uncover the secrets to improving productivity through delegation and automation. 
  • Find out how writing a book can be fulfilling and advantageous for your business. 

And please hit reply and let me know what advice you needed to hear this week and what you're manifesting for the second half of the year. 

xx Denise

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