Do I really need a business plan?

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Do I really need a business plan?


Do I really need a business plan?

Hi there, 

Having a business plan is one of those important prerequisites for starting a business that they teach in business school - Right? 

But do you really need one? What's the best way to do a business plan? Is there a Chill and Prosper way?

As someone who was never really good at assignments, writing a business plan always felt like boring homework. Plus, my ADHD and procrastination meant I never got around to it. 

Maybe you're like me and don't want to take the time to plan because you're too busy taking action.

Please don't procrastinate starting your business because you're waiting for the perfect plan. 

It's totally fine not to have a business plan, but you do need to have a rough idea of where you're going, so I've got some alternatives for you. 

Listen to today's podcast to learn:

  • The best kids' advice I got from my mum and how it applies to business
  • A simple approach to finding your niche and getting started 
  • My recommendations for planning if you're starting out
  • Simple goals you can set to help you focus 
  • How your money blocks will pop up to try and derail your planning process
  • How I plan my business with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. 


No form of plan is going to prepare you for everything that's going to come up on your business journey. Sometimes you won't know what you need or don't like until you're in it. 

If you have a plan or are a few years into business, it's okay to shift and change. 

Having a business plan doesn't mean you're in business. Making money means you're in business, and I promise you can make money with or without a business plan!

Enjoy today's episode.

xx Denise 

P.S. If you want some help with your plans and goals for the second half of the year, then I've got a special freebie for you to check out. 

Click here to download my mid-year workbook.

This free guide will help you reset your mindset and goals and supercharge your next six months. 

This time of the year is such an amazing opportunity to take stock and reflect on your progress over the last few months.

This is especially important if, like me, you're approaching the end of the financial year and you've got some blocks coming up about your goals or paying taxes. 

So download your reset workbook today to help you:

  • Feel more empowered and positive about still hitting your goals 
  • Celebrate and reflect on your business performance from the last 6 months
  • Forgive and release any missed opportunities or mistakes
  • Set new inspiring targets for the rest of the year 

Plus, there's an opportunity to work with me as your money mindset mentor and coach with my Mid-Year special offer. 

I know time is flying by, and reviewing the numbers in your business can feel scary – so I'm here to help you get clear and make your money goals happen.

The link to share this free workbook is


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