My best tips to beat procrastination

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My best tips to beat procrastination


My best tips to beat procrastination

I’ve struggled with procrastination my whole life, especially in business.

I’ve even created courses on beating procrastination, but it’s something that regularly gets in my way.

I know this is a big pain point for a lot of entrepreneurs, especially those with ADHD like me, so I’m sharing my tips and tricks on taking action when you least feel like it.

Although I might look like a very organized and focused person, the truth is, I’m not. However, I can get a lot done by playing to my strengths and using some of the techniques in today’s podcast. 

Listen to today’s new episode for more on:

  • Why public accountability is a game-changer for making things happen in your business
  • How I use micro-commitments to get over resistance 
  • Strategies to make money AND beat procrastination with pre-orders and waitlists 
  • How to overcome your perfectionism and embrace “Done is better than perfect.”
  • Why I have a decoy to-do list to create momentum when I can’t face a big task 

And here’s a quote I recently shared on stage at my Chill and Prosper Live event - it’s so true and hopefully this gives you a little extra boost; 

Fortune favours the…
Person who just does it! 

Please let me know what you’re working on right now - send me a message or tag me on social media for some extra public accountability.

xx Denise

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