Finding more ideal clients using Money Archetypes

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Finding more Ideal Clients using Money Archetypes


Finding your ideal clients using Money Archetypes

I've got a juicy bonus podcast episode today all about how to use the Money Archetypes to understand and identify your ideal client. 

This is always a big pain point for people in all the business courses and coaching I've done. 

It's normal to stress about doing this wrong, picking the wrong niche, or worry about excluding people (I see you Nurturers wanting to help everyone ūüėė). 

So I'm excited to dive in, get practical, and give you a taster of what the Ideal Clients module is like inside the SMA business course. 

 If the question "Who's your target audience?" stresses you out or fills you with dread, then today's episode will help. 

I'll share some simple tips on how to get clearer on your niche and what you need to do next to attract more of your dream clients. 

This is about creating a win-win in your business where you're leveraging your time by helping the people that you can serve best. 

You can work with anyone, but by learning the nuances of your Archetype and your client's Archetypes, you'll leverage all of your efforts, meaning you'll have more longevity and energy for your work. 

I hope to see you on the inside! 

 xx Denise 

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