Ask Me Anything: Getting unstuck and staying motivated

Show Notes

I’ve a pick and mix of juicy goodness for you today.

In today’s Ask Me Anything episode I’m answering some beauties…

How do I stay motivated as a multi-millionaire?

Firstly, I'm rich, but I'm not mega, mega wealthy. I mean, I think I'd be great as a billionaire, but I’m not there yet. People sometimes think I’ve crossed this magical threshold where suddenly everything is perfect.

I still have to work and there's still life stuff - kids poop themselves, dogs eat Lego and the car tires still pop.

Secondly, becoming wealthy has made me more of who I already am.

Making money is fun and using money to make more and do good is fun!

Next question: What to do when you feel like you're doing all the work and you're still stuck?

That's hard, right?

Well, firstly, doing the work might stir up other stuff, like a muddy puddle.

Sometimes you just need some extra support to get through a block. Business doesn't have to be hard, you're allowed to take breaks and simplify everything.

Sometimes people get stuck because they're trying to do everything.

So if you’re stuck, go back to self-love and acceptance, do some tapping work to shift your energy. Or declutter something to create some momentum.

When in doubt, I always say, shave your legs!


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why 70% of lottery winners lose everything
  • How not to take things personally
  • How to determine what wealth looks like for YOU
  • The secret to maintaining an abundance mindset
  • My exact steps to getting unstuck if nothing’s working



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