Understanding your customer’s Money Archetypes

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Understanding your customer’s Money Archetypes


Understanding your customer's Money Archetypes

Let’s shift focus. Today we’re not talking about your money personality, but your customers. 

It’s time to look at the type of customers you are and should be attracting and how this might affect your business. 

Once you understand more about your customer’s Money Archetypes you can create more impactful marketing and more valuable support and products. 

Why do you need to know this?

Well, marketing is all about motivation and sales is understanding who your customers are and what drives them. When you try to market to everyone, you won’t get great results and it’s hard to stand out when there’s a lot of noise. 

So the more you understand your customers and talk their language, the more effective your marketing message will be.  

These insights are so valuable to help you achieve more sales, and get better at serving and helping your audience. 

Listen to today’s podcast episode for more on: 

  • Identifying the 8 Money Archetypes amongst your customers  
  • Why you might struggle or resist identifying your customer niche
  • Understanding why certain customers buy or don’t buy during a launch
  • My tips for improving sales pages and order forms conversion depending on your customers’ personality 
  • Marketing tactics to make your offer stand out for your ideal customers 

Do you know what personalities make up your customer group? 

When you share the quiz, you might discover a certain flavor or characteristic in your audience that you didn’t expect or unearth a new niche to immediately grow your business. 

You don’t need to be everything to everyone, but you can sell to everyone if you tweak your marketing so it speak to different customer’s wants and needs.

There is SO many layers to applying SMA to your business and I’m sharing more on the LIVE training later today. It’s free and is a once-a-year opportunity to connect with me and geek out over business and marketing. 

Add the call to your calendar and get the Zoom link HERE and I’ll see you at 6pm New York time, Thursday 16 May.

xx Denise

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