Preparing my business for long term travel

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Preparing my business for long term travel


Preparing my business for long term travel

As an introvert, the thought of living out of suitcases, constantly on the move with my family was simply overwhelming. 

But, when Mark and I first starting talking about the idea of taking on some extended travel, there was a determination deep within me to turn this journey into something more than just an extended vacation. 

It was about breaking free from the daily grind, to create vivid memories that would last a lifetime. 

In a couple of weeks, my family and I will begin four months travel in Europe, mainly based in the UK but with a few adventures and weeks away on the continent. 

I’ve never been a very adventurous traveller and I haven’t loved traveling with young kids in the past, so it’s taken some time for me to prepare for this trip. 

There are a lot of logistics to plan in our business but it’s also taken some mindset work. 

I bet many of you entrepreneurs and business owners can relate to this, especially if you’re planning to hit the pause button on work for an extended period. 

So, how am I managing to streamline my operations without breaking our business? 

Here are three simplified steps I took, which I believe would be beneficial for you as well:

  1. Delegate and Automate: I identified tasks that could be managed by my team or automated with the right software. This will reduce my workload considerably. 
  2. Plan Ahead: I’ve planned my work schedule for the next four months in advance, ensuring that my business can run smoothly even in my absence. 
  3. Stay Connected: I’ve made sure that I can connect to the internet no matter where we go so I’m connected to my team, community, and keep an eye on my business. 

Listen to today’s episode to learn:

  • Strategies for achieving balance between professional commitments and family life while traveling.
  • How to lighten your business processes for extended time away, improving efficiency.
  • The art of saying no to pave the way for more personal space and mental peace.
  • Insights into my techniques for content batching and repurposing pre-existing work.
  • The liberation that comes with decluttering and relinquishing relentless commitments. 

Now, over to you. 

Simplify your business and make space for new adventures. It's time to be present and experience life outside of work.

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