Why I Love Batching Content Creation

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Hi friend,

I love batch creating content – it has changed my life. 

And I just get better and better at it. Friends call me the batching queen. I batch EVERYTHING - my social media content, my podcast, video content, admin tasks in my business. 

I wish I could find a way to batch some of my kid related stuff! 

This one simple mindset shift makes things easier and more profitable. So many people resist batching. It might seem boring. Or hard work. Or lacking creativity.

But it works for every type of personality and every type of business. And it won’t limit your creativity. You can be lazy and disorganized and still do it. I have ADHD. I still batch. 

Because it’s so profitable for me to be consistent in my business.

Consistency has made me millions of dollars. I’ve not made money because I am sexy or funny (although I am both those things!). I'm the smartest or most creative but I am really freaking consistent. 

I'm so consistent that people think of me when they see the color blue. When they see bees, Kombi vans or roses! Because I batch like a mofo.               

Recently, I created 150 days worth of content for my rose farm social media accounts in one day - for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest – yeah, 450 pieces of content! 

Listen in to the latest episode to find out exactly how I do it!


In this episode, you'll learn:
  • Exactly how and why I batch
  • How I created 150 days of content in 1 day!
  • Why you need to get in the zone
  • How to outsource your content
  • Batching doesn’t kill creativity

Embrace batching. It's really fun, and it gives you consistency. It’s vital for the The Know, Like, and Trust factor. 

Consistency is cash in the bank because people get used to you showing up and then want to know what you do – they’re ready for your offers.

xx Denise




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