My “New Money” mistakes

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My "New Money" Mistakes

Thankfully, I don’t get a lot of hate mail. 

Well, actually, I don’t know because my team gate-keeps my emails, but I hope not 🙂

But the inspiration for today’s podcast episode does come from a comment I got online…

“Denise, you’re so new money.” 

I think it was intended as an insult, but I didn’t take it that way because it’s kinda true. I am new to money and have made a few classic new money mistakes since becoming wealthy. 

So, I’ve got some insight and cautionary tales to help you acclimatize to having more money. 

Listen to today’s podcast to learn: 

  • Why we need to become accustomed to holding more wealth so we can attract more
  • Common mistakes me and other entrepreneurs have made after a significant surge in income
  • How old money blocks often derail new money 
  • The dream v reality of impulse purchases 
  • My next money priorities - family, debt-free freedom and joy!


I love hearing success stories from our community about making more money, growing businesses and investments.

As Sara Blakely said, “Money is fun to make, spend, and give away.” 

And after making my new money mistakes, I’ve learned that money is also fun to SAVE

Make sure you’re saving some of today’s riches to make your tomorrows more chill and prosperous. 

I’ve made a big shift in this direction in the last 12 months. It feels adult, but it’s the calm security my nervous system needs! So freeing! 

Please let me know what comes up for you during today’s ep and your current money goals. 

Let’s build abundance and legacy together. We’ve got time. 

xx Denise

P.S. Obviously, I’m teaching money mindset, and I’m not a financial adviser. Get your own advice - it’s worth the investment, and be kind to yourself. I’m still making mistakes and learning too. 

If you want more conversations like this and support from like-minded people walking this journey, then check out my Money Bootcamp course - we’ve got an epic community cheering each other on.

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