How to Set Boundaries in Groups

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Hey there,

Boundary lesson time!

There’s so much juice around boundaries and money blocks.

My latest podcast episode is made for you if you have a Facebook group, but it’ll be helpful for setting boundaries with clients in general. 

I've learned so many lessons - some painful, all powerful.

When I first started out, I was a one-on-one coach, and boy, did I have crappy boundaries! 

I’d let one hour sessions run for double. Clients would contact me day and night via text, email, voicemail.

So if you're terrified of setting boundaries, I totally understand. 

Money Bootcamp started ten years ago and I’ve had so much growth and lessons around over-giving, over-delivering, and being brave enough to set boundaries with clients.

When we reached 2,000 members in Bootcamp I hit a pain point. I found it really difficult to set rules. People wanted to use the Facebook group as a general business arena. 

I thought being fair meant letting them. 

I didn't realize that I still had a lot of  blocks about being the boss. I had to get over those because it was causing chaos and pain, for me and other members. 

Even in the last year I have learnt so many mindset lessons from being the leader of my Facebook group.

I started to get really burnt out trying to be there for every single person. I was answering every question in Money Bootcamp, every single post. 

At 5,000 members I felt like every one of them were attached to me via an umbilical cord.

This was my stuff, not theirs. Members didn’t expect this of me. 

But I was like the mom of the group. 

So I made one little simple shift that was so powerful. Instead of answering the question, I’d send a link to the module. 

That simple shift reminded people that they're there for their own transformation. Not to be spoon fed, not to have everything done for them.

People can’t buy 24/7 access to me. 

Your customers have bought your course or resources. They're there to have their own transformation. They don’t need you to be their mom!

This shift even changed the people that I started to attract. People who are self-reliant and take responsibility for their own actions started joining. 

I hired a community manager about two years ago - Mara. I had so much resistance because I was the mom. But I had to hire in extra people, especially someone on a different time zone to me, because I found that things would kick off at 10pm. 

Having someone else hold the space with me meant we could grow really quickly.

Make it work for you; if you've got special family time or celebrations that you want some extra bandwidth around, it's totally okay to close down your group, put it on archive. You can pause groups.

It's safe for you to have boundaries. It's safe for you to set things up that work for you.

Now we close the group down over Christmas for two weeks, we give our staff paid time off.

Give yourself permission to set it up so that it works for you. Set boundaries, get help if you need to. Take holidays, take time off. 

And it's totally okay if groups no longer serve you and you've fulfilled your part of it, it's totally okay to discontinue them.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to set boundaries in your group
  • What happened when I wasn’t clear in Bootcamp
  • My painful lessons
  • Why I had to give up being a go-to girl
  • The one boundary I had massive resistance to




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