How to make better hiring decisions

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How to make better hiring decisions


How to make better hiring decisions

 In my recent survey, our community told me that hiring was one of the top challenges you face in your businesses. 

Hiring is such a big pain point for many, and I know you've got a lot of questions about it - how to hire your first assistant, who to hire next, and who's on my team. 

Who to hire and when is a big decision, so in this podcast episode, I'm explaining how the Money Archetype framework can help you build the dream team you deserve. 

The upside of hiring the right people is huge, and the downside of bad hires can derail your income and make you hate your business. 

You are not alone if you're feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by constantly making poor hiring decisions! 

Despite investing time and money into recruitment, many entrepreneurs may still struggle with high turnover rates and a lack of productivity from new hires, which hinders business growth.

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hiring - it depends on your personality.

I've made so many hiring mistakes, whether it’s hiring people like me or hiring people of a similar Money Archetype or just hiring without clear job descriptions. 

Understanding your Money Archetype and those of your team can help you spot gaps and identify the type of person you're looking for, giving you a far deeper insight into how to bring the best out of your employees. 

In this podcast episode, you'll learn: 

  • The essential role Sacred Money Archetypes play in making informed hiring decisions.
  • Where you could be resisting and sabotaging your hiring decisions.
  • How to hire talent with unique strengths to compensate for your weaknesses.
  • How to make your first hire while avoiding unnecessary stress and complications.
  • More about my team and my past hiring mistakes (so you can avoid them and fast track your progress). 

I know that you understand the logic of getting help. You've heard it before; having a team and outsourcing some tasks makes sense. But thanks to our Archetype, we all sabotage it in our own unique way. 

Let's face it, this is a timely discussion, especially when we're all looking at the dollars in our business. A lot of people are cutting costs right now, stressed about the global economy, stressed about their local and country economies, and stressed about money.

That doesn't mean you have to do everything in your business. It means that you have to be smarter about who you hire to make sure that every dollar counts and that you're not making costly mistakes that you have made in the past or that you're afraid to make. 

Let's dive into how to use Money Archetypes to hire and grow your team so you can make more money and stress less.

xx Denise 

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