How I Invest My Money & Why I Invested in a Musical

Show Notes

I wish you could see me recording my latest podcast episode: I’m wearing a Hot Shoe Shuffle tee and a Hamilton jumper! 

You’d get a massive clue about my latest investment…

In this episode I’m talking about how I invest my money AND why I invested in a freaking musical!

Basically I’m new money - I come from a not very well off, single parent home. I'm the first millionaire in my family and I want to put my money to good.

Disclaimer before we get started: I’m not a financial advisor – don’t invest in anything because I have. This is purely for entertainment purposes! 

And because I love normalizing the money conversations. I love talking about it, I love hearing other people talk honestly about it.

There’s this belief that everyone else has their shit together. That you're only allowed to talk about money if you're a financial advisor. Listen, we're all allowed to talk about money. 

So going back a few years, I didn't think I was smart enough to make good decisions; I thought if I tried investing, I’d screw it up in some way. I had to release some long held stories and allow myself to hire a financial advisor. If you’re feeling unsure, do this!

As well as property and shares, I recently I invested in a musical

I have always loved the world of theater, I started dancing when I was eight and musicals are just absolute heaven for me!

Discovering I could invest in theater was like a new world opening up to me. I can spend the money I earn how I want on things I love! 

So I’ve backed Trading Places: the Musical, (from the movie with Eddie Murphy). I’ve invested in the out of town run of the show in Atlanta and hopefully it goes on to Broadway in the future. 

I know I won’t necessarily get my money back; some musicals run for decades, some fizzle out.

But for me, this is part of my commitment as a philanthropist of the arts. I want to put my money into things that I'm passionate about. 

It’s taken a lot of work for me to say and own that I am a Philanthropist (and you can be too). 

This is now part of my identity. I invest money in ways that are important to me - both exciting projects and important causes. I’ve always wanted to be a wealthy philanthropist. 

This investment is symbolic of the future I want to see - where art and theater are important.

Now that I'm a fancy patron of the freaking arts, I get invited to all the musical premieres. I went to Hamilton when it opened in Melbourne. I was at the goddamn after party! And I went to the opening night of Mary Poppins. 

Take a moment to dream what you would you like to invest in that goes beyond the sensible retirement accounts?


In this episode, you'll learn:
  • How I do the boring but important parts of investing
  • My ultimate money mindset secrets around investments
  • The incredible juice when you release your money taboos
  • How to choose EXACTLY what to spend your money on (for you)
  • Why I’m passionate about conscious philanthropy




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