Ask Me Anything: Finding a great coach and working with my husband

Show Notes

I had so much fun recording a bunch of Ask Me Anything podcast episodes recently - here are some of the juicy questions on today’s episode: 

First up, someone wanted to know how I deal with setbacks.

My answer: you will fail in business. Get some great business besties. Have solid people around you.

I got another great question - how do you find a good coach or a mentor? 

Well, I’ve worked with so many. Sometimes I joined courses out of FOMO! Sometimes I loved the coach, but the model was wrong for me.

With hindsight, I’d advise sitting down and considering: what do you need right now? Logistics? Or someone to keep you accountable? Marketing support?

Get these ideas down and look for the right group, mastermind or coach to fill those gaps.

Next question: How do you involve your partner in your business or personal development?

My husband, Mark and I are a great team; he works for my business. But it didn't start out like that. When we met, he was at university. I’d just finished. TBH, he wasn’t particularly interested in personal development or entrepreneurship. 

But, I kept painting a picture of what freedom and abundance could look like for our family. 

I kept saying: wouldn't it be nice to be able to go to the beach on a Tuesday morning? To have more flexibility? To vacation when we want? 

I kept holding the vision.

I want to be really clear; we've not had a perfect journey. I had to do some work and set really clear boundaries around my dreams.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The ONLY self-development tool you need
  • How to survive any setback or surprise 
  • My EXACT book writing process and why I hired a coach
  • The secret to working with your partner
  • My steps to becoming a great delegator!



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