How to juggle business, family and kids

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How to juggle business, family and kids


How to juggle business, family and kids

 On today's podcast, we're talking about juggling business and family. 

Variations on this theme are the most common questions I've been getting recently;

 How to juggle business with having kids? 
How to prepare your business for having kids?
What changes in your business when you have kids?
How to balance being a CEO and a Mom?

 But even if you don't have kids, you'll get a lot out of this episode. The strategies I share will help you be a better CEO regardless of your family situation.  

 Because as you know, I'm all about making more money with less stress and changing the world, so I've got six tips to help you do that. 

 Running a multi-million dollar company and having a family is not easy for me. 

 My business is extremely important to me. I love my business, and I love my family. I firmly believe you can have both and find ways to juggle and flex your role during the different seasons of life. 

 Listen to today's podcast to learn my six tips for juggling business and family. 

 Here's a snapshot of what I cover:

  1. Simplify everything at work and home
  2. Automate revenue-making activities
  3. Improve your boundaries
  4. Streamline and batch content
  5. Automate your marketing
  6. Get as much help as you can

Juggling work and family commitments is challenging, so self-care is essential. 

Be honest about what you can do and try to outsource everything else. 

Simplify, eliminate, automate, and delegate whatever takes bandwidth away from your mental health, family, and making money. 

And, of course, working on your money mindset is vital at this time so you can avoid getting tripped up by your money blocks and past experiences. 

Our mothers and grandmothers didn't have the opportunities we have to build a flexible business and have children.  

I’m grateful we live in a time when our children get to grow up with a role model showing them what a wealthy, legacy-building, cycle-breaking entrepreneur can look like. 

Big hugs, 

xx Denise

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