Pricing Strategies Pros and Cons

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Pricing Strategies Pros and Cons


Pricing strategy pros and cons

Pricing is such a pain point for many entrepreneurs, so I talk about it a lot.

 You'll also have to revisit it regularly during your business journey. 

A price that feels big and scarcy at the start may soon feel normal or too small. So it's essential to continue to review your pricing so it feels like a win-win and a good energetic match. 

So, if you've been avoiding looking at your prices or need help experimenting with your prices, then today's podcast is for you. 

I share the pros and cons of different pricing strategies and why they may make sense for your business at various stages as you grow. 

Plus, we talk about the big mindset piece involved with pricing - feeling okay talking about money and learning that the price is just the price, and it's okay for you to charge (and receive). 

So much to dive into! Listen along to learn:

  • Why pricing is so important for your business and so challenging for your money mindset. 
  • Insights into various discounting and sale strategies and how they can make or break your profits.
  • How to align your pricing with your brand with authenticity and ease. 
  • The benefits of incorporating VIP upgrade pricing and tailoring your pricing to match your customers' needs.
  • Why it's important to regularly review your pricing and how to use price changes to create new sales and marketing opportunities.

If you've struggled with pricing, know nothing is set in stone. You can change them. 

 And being clear with pricing is kind to your clients - they'll appreciate it. 

xx Denise

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